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May/Jun Discovery Box


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Product Description

This one time box includes a weighted handle, 8 of our 5 Blade Babe razor refills, "Happiness Looks Gorgeous on You" Canvas Shave Tote, Vanilla Cupcake Shave Butter (3.25 oz) as well as some extra bathing treats to swoon over! Extras include a 4 oz jar of SecondSpring Naturals Whipped Soap in "Hello Beautiful." This pale pink treat is a fun alternative to bar soap or shower gel! It has a refreshingly clean scent and is enhanced with buttermilk, oatmeal, calendula and honey. Also included is 1 ultra soft, reusable make up remover pad. Great for sensitive skin, gently removes make up without being irritating. Can be washed and reused over and over again! Lastly, 1 all natural square shower steamer/bath bomb. Place in the floor of your shower to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits or use as a bath bomb for an all over relaxation treat! Shower steamer is handmade by Lizush with 100% natural and vegan ingredients. This one time box makes a great gift!

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